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Is your website a

Facebook page?

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Over 50% of potential customers are hesitant to purchase on a social media site.

When we rely on social media pages to convey our brands, we leave money on the table. 

What do you gain with a custom website?

Full Control

You decide how it looks, what it does, and what you want on it. No corporate branding, no restrictive policies; just your own unique content.

More Visibility

With your own domain it's easier to get eyes on your product or service. Not everyone's on Facebook, but almost everybody's on the internet!

Increased Trust

Relying on a social media page implies your business is unestablished or temporary. A permanent domain shows professionalism.

Real life examples

Sites I've built for people just like you:

Pond Part Picker

Full-service E-Commerce store with hundreds of SKUs. Coupons, gift cards, order tracking, CRM setup, SEO and advertising integration.

Topo Swope Talent

Talent agency with around 350 performers. Custom theme, robust filter and search interface, advanced back-end management tools.

McDonald Employment

Home health company with a long history of in-home care. Custom page setup, advanced back-end editing, video player embeds.

More examples

More ideas for what your site could look like:

Restaurant Example

Local Service Example

SAAS/E-Commerce Example

Websites don't have to be wallet drainers

Even small businesses and startups can afford to maintain a top-notch website. In fact, the cost is so nominal, you could recoup your yearly fees within a week!

Here's a simple cost breakdown:

  • Custom Domain Name: $1-$20/year
  • Reliable Hosting Services: $35-$100/year
  • Extra Services/Subscriptions: $30-$200/year

That's potentially less than $9/month for a professional website that amplifies your local business presence.

Better still, most hosting and domain services provide monthly or yearly payment options so you can adjust when you pay based on your cash flow.

A quality website you can afford is within reach!

Typical yearly cost of a website

Domain Name

$1 - $20 / year



$35 - $100 / year

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Who am I?

I'm Zac - your website wizard with a flair for the artistic and a knack for the technical. With over 15 years in the trenches of WordPress development, I've mastered the art of crafting spectacular websites that turn browsers into buyers.

Beyond just a web developer, I'm a seasoned marketing maven, specializing in championing non-profits, small businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures. It's my mission to empower these underdogs with top-tier websites that command attention and drive results.

Striking the perfect balance between artistry and functionality, I deliver great-looking websites that are uber-functional and high-converting. I'm ready to transform your online presence!