I'm Zac.

Your email & SMS growth partner.

In 2023, email still gives better returns than any other marketing channel.  If you're not tapped in yet, I'll help you fix that.

By 2027, email will account for $18 billion in revenue. You deserve a slice.

The KPIs I'll Help You Improve

Open Rates

You may have heard open rates don't matter anymore. This is far from true! Open rate analytics have changed a lot recently, but the number of people opening your messages is still a key metric. I'll give you a solid plan to use them right.


Whether you're an e-commerce brand, a service-based business, or a donation-funded non-profit, your click rates are a key measurement in the journey toward a sale (or lead, or donation). I'll share my proven methods for maximizing engagement.


LTV (Lifetime Value) = potentially free additional revenue from your existing customers. Through automated journeys and strategic messaging I'll help you identify key moments in the user journey to maximizing repeatable results.

What you'll pay

Clear pricing, no hidden costs, and affordable.

My pricing scales with your needs. Every new client receives a free no obligation consultation to discuss scope and budget. I offer a la carte services, short-term contract work, as well as monthly retainer agreements for ongoing support.

Pre-Booked Hourly Consulting: $100/hr

Monthly Consulting Retainer: $500 - $1,000/month

Custom projects and al a carte work: Varies by project

Who am I?

eckstein cutout

I'm Zac - your email maestro with a penchant for persuasive prose and a grasp on the granular. With over 15 years navigating the nuances of email campaigns, I've honed the craft of creating compelling emails that convert.

Beyond just an email strategist, I'm a seasoned marketing maven, championing non-profits, small businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures. It's my mission to arm these underdogs with first-rate email campaigns that captivate audiences and drive engagement.

As a small business owner myself, I deeply understand the aspirations and challenges of a burgeoning brand.

Merging the art of storytelling with the science of conversion, I deliver emails that look great, resonate deeply, and, most importantly, get results. Reach out and let's up your email game!

In the past year, I've...

Sent 35M+ Messages

From A+ brands to home-grown small businesses.

Created 650+ Campaigns

Top-notch initiatives for maximum effect.

Generated $11M+ in Sales

Every message sent has the potential for greatness.

My best email to date? 87% open rate, $414k in revenue. 

Let's see if we can beat that record together!

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